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The Monogamy

There is a couple named Adan and Evelyn

wisened and married in their life’s middle,

succinct from a decade of devout monogamy-

Evelyn says i would like to open the marriage

don't doubt i love you, baby, of course, it’s not about you at all...

Wisely taming his jealousy, Adan can still prioritize-

Never Ever losing Evelyn over petty possessiveness

he says to her OK, but it has been a while for me

and you know I have always been... shy. at first….

The first night of OPEN she comes home tinged

she holds Adan, kissing him bubbly like their third date

though truly lip grasping onto the earlier evening stubbled lips

Adan’s first partner was attractive and attracted

they kissed statistically and he gave her his tongue

because he was, as expected, limp-

Adan breaks a baker’s dozen of wagon riding next

slowly swallowing her tart shelved whiskey

porously radiant, he fucks her without cumming,

hours submerged in his tainted sweat-

Evelyn comes home after a new lover

The woman taunted Evelyn in rope bondage,

she squealed all night, hoarse and sore

from her rope swing, too tired to smell the alcohol

on her alcoholic husband’s breath- Evelyn sees Rope Woman again-

Adan hydrates in vodka and sniffs frosty

impotent caterpillars off a punk pinkish haired bodysearching her o’keefe with his long fingers... too hyperstatic to relax and allow blood to rush south and stiffen-


Adan was silently fearful of his wife leaving him

but re-incarnated, he has found a new faithful romance

in Ms. (diacetyl)M- the dizzy dim drowsiness

Twinkling powdered Beige...

Adan divorces Evelyn of thirteen years arms bruised and red peppered, he sinks into Beige

Evelyn is devastated, broken, vacantyes she enjoyed her casual sex, the youthful adrenaline

she knows any supportive words loses to his resistance

… but there was Never any resemblance of her Adan’s pure embrace.

teeh arr you eeh ell ohh vee eeh

(Like a Bulgakov story, the funeral was foggy)

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