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  • How can I get in contact?
    Our team can be reached through our email at:
  • How can I view the latest issue?
    The magazine will be published digitally and available for view on this website.
  • When will the 2023 issue of Lumiére be published?
    The 2023 issue will be published on April 20th.
  • How can I submit work to Lumière?
    To submit work to Lumière, follow these steps: 1. Navigate to the Submit Your Work! page located at the top of the site. 2. Click the blue Upload Here button. 3. Fill out the Lumière Magazine Submission Google Form. 4. Submit the form.
  • When is the deadline for submissions?
    We have extended the deadline for submissions until April 12th.
  • Can I publish my work anonymously?
    Yes! When filling out the submission form you can choose to have your piece published anonymously or with a pseudonym.
  • Is AI work accepted?
    Per our submission guidelines, all submissions must be the creation or creations of the applicant, as such this does not include AI created works.
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