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By: Angel Marie Russell

You’re not aging. You are stepping

Into your purpose.

You are graduating along a continuous line

To yourself.

You are not waiting.

You are becoming.

You are effervescent presence

Made of sea, land, and sky.

You are the breath

Of ancestors long dead.

You are the dream of

Hundreds of lives lived.

You are endless, mysterious,

Evolving, spiraled as the cosmos swirl. 

And my breath arrests at the majesty

Of your creation.

Your pulse, a tide,

Enraptured within flesh.

Crescendo and plummet.

Pause and sway. A tumult.

You are the life lived and have yet

To become.

The birth of the universe

Sparks to life in every thought.

And you, as the suns and the carbon

They emit to life, never age.

Endless. You transform life from ash. 

You sleep in realms lost to memory.

You awaken anew once again.

And darkness can never truly take you.

For even in death, you will verily burst aflame,

New once again.

You are timeless.

You are sacred, still, and sentient

Energy through matter,

Impervious to death.

So, do not live in fear of this life,

But rise, full, large, and true.

Become. Do not run from who you are.

Your life has a purpose.

No other can fill it.

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